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  • linear guide knife grinder

  • standard knife grinder

  • cnc knife grinder

  • double head knife grinder

  • hydraulic veneer guillotine

  • HB25T veneer slicer

  • veneer peeling machine

  • manual blade honing machine

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Qingdao haiyong machinery manufacturing co .,ltd

Qingdao haiyong machinery manufacturing co.,  ltd with nice location and great convenience in communications, is located in Jiaozhou, the manufacturing base of jiaodong peninsula. There are many main roads across jiaozhou, such as, Jiaoji Railway, Jiaohuang Railway, Jiaoxin Railway, Jiqing Highway, the Ring Highway of Jiaozhou Bay, Tongsan National Highway, Qinghong Highway, National Road No.204. Our company has a distance of 35 kilometers to Qingdao Port, of 30 kilometers to Qianwan Huangdao Port , of 25 kilometers to Liuting International Airport . Our company is a woodworking machinery enterprise with 11 years precision mechanical processing. 

  • Malaysia clienst knife grinder
  • USA veneer slicer
  • china clients for veneer slicer
  • suifenhe veneer slicer

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2016 india woodworking fair

we take our knife grinder attend the 2016 india woodworking fair

07/27 2016
2014 shanghai floor machinery fair

we take our veneer slicer machien attend the 2014 shanghai floor machinery fair

07/26 2016
2014beijing woodworking machinery fair

2014beijing woodworking machinery fair

07/26 2016
18th-22th october 2016 all in print

we will attend the 18th-22th october 2016 all in print

07/26 2016
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